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Construction and operation requirements for 8516 moistureproof protective paint

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1、Coating requirements:
1) Clean and dry the PCB, and remove the dampness and water completely, the dry time should be no less than 10 min with80°Ctemp, in addition, only after the baking oven has cooled down, it is allowable to take out the PCB for coating;
2) Use one brush for coating at the position as required, the coating area should be larger than the object coated by 3 times above and the coating position can be referred to the above requirements so that the object can be covered completely;
3) When brushing, level up the PCB as much as possible, and there should be no drop after brush and the brush effect should be smooth without exposed part, and the thickness should be controlled at the range of 0.1-0.2mm.
4、 After brush, put the board on bracket for solidifying, it is necessary to use the heating method to speed up the solidifying. If the surface is irregular or there is bubble on surface, put is back into high-temperature furnace for heating, then place it under normal temperature a longer time so that the solvent can be flashed off.
NOTE:  1、if want a thicker coat, it is available to brush it with two layers for solution, however, only after the first layer has been dried completely, it is allowable to coat the second layer .
2、When add paint onto PCB, do not paint the position like connector、socket、switch、radiator、heat dissipation area、flashboard and so on.
2、Machining process:
1 Coating process:
    1.1 For three-proofing paint, it is allowable to use diluting agent for dilution, the more the application amount of diluting agent, the lower the viscosity coefficient of glue, also the coating layer is thinner, in contrast, the thickness is thicker, generally, the application amount of diluting agentis suggested to be 30-50%.
    1.2 Put the glue diluted into watering can for spray coating.
    1.3 After spray coating, use the diluting agent to clean the sprinkling can.
  2 Dipcoating process:
    2.1 The same to 1.1
    2.2 Pour the glue diluted into the barrel for dipcoating, the dipping speed of PCB and components should be proper in case bring about air bubble, generally, the dry time is 2-10 minutes under normal temperature.
    2.3 After dipcoating, if there is surface crusting, just remove it for reuse.
3、Working environment and attentions in safety:
Due to the content of flammable solvent, this paint should be away from high temp and open fire with enough ventilation, in addition, avoid inhaling the steam or exposing your skin by long time in case cause injury; After solidifying, the machining piece has no harm to human body basically. In addition, when under operation, the operator should wear protective mask with enough ventilation(at 18℃-28℃ temperature and 70%-90% relative humidity)
Dry time: 25℃  5~10min for surface drying, Inner dry 30~50min, 24 hr for complete solidifying.
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